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Thread: Can I gift my current copy of ArtRage?

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    Can I gift my current copy of ArtRage?

    Backstory: I bought ArtRage Studio 3.5 through, I registered it in the Member area. Several months later I bought AR3 Studio Pro through Steam cause it was on crazy sale one day. So I have purchased two separate versions of AR.

    It got me thinking if I could gift the regular version to someone else. The problem is, my serial number is registered with my Member account.

    FIRST Question: If I give that serial to my friend will they be able to register it and get the installer? Can I unregister the serial, therefore allowing them to do that? (I know I could just give them the serial and installer, but if they want to register it themselves I would like them to be able to.

    SECOND Question: There has been some talk about allowing a Steam purchased copy of AR to be registered in the Member account which would allow a direct download of the installer and therefore bypassing the notoriously-hated Steam online authorization at each program launch. Is there any headway to this?

    The reason I ask these two questions in tandem is because I want to upgrade to AR4 and with discounts it costs the same either if I upgrade the Steam-purchased copy of Studio Pro or the purchased copy of Studio. Therefore if I'm just stuck with the two copies (unable to gift the other), then I will prefer upgrading through to avoid the Steam eccentricities. But if I AM allowed to gift the older version, I may put up with Steam to allow my friend to enjoy it as well. And if I have the ability to register the Steam purchase on the Member account (either of AR3 Pro OR the upgraded AR4), then that will make me even happier.


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    If you want to gift one of your copies we can look at helping with that - However, we're only able to do it for the non-Steam version. The Steam version is basically locked to the Steam client and we can't access your data the way we can with direct sales.

    However however - ArtRage 4 on Steam doesn't use the Steam DRM system, and we will be wrapping that functionality back in to ArtRage Studio Pro on Steam as well.

    If you drop us a note at with your member details we should be able to help.
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    I was wondering that same thing. Since I just 3.55 a couple of months back I've been thinking about giving my 3.55 to a young girl that loves to draw. Now I have the answer.

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