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Thread: Wacom bamboo capture

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    Cool Wacom bamboo capture

    Just thought I'd mention something. I don't think there is a solution, but who knows?
    I run dual monitors and am using the Extend displays option on the NVidia GeForce 210.
    (only other option is "duplicate displays" which is for projection onto an external screen).
    The problem is that when I select "constrain proportions" on the tablet settings, there is only the upper half of the tablet available to use.
    So I map the tablet to only the left monitor. That solves the problem of only upper half being available, but now I can't reach the right monitor with the pen, I have to use the mouse.
    As I said there doesn't seem to be a solution.
    BTW, I meant to order a create, but accidentally ordered a capture by mistake. I didn't notice this until it was too late.
    But the capture works fine.
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    Hi there!

    If you use constrain proportions, as the overall area is very wide, it has to use a relative area on your tablet, so you will get a subsection of the tablet available for use. I believe if you turn that off you'll be able to use the stylus across both monitors ( I don't do that myself ), but the aspect will feel quite strange e.g. if you draw a circle on your tablet you'll get a wide oval instead.

    With multiple monitors I would generally map the tablet to one of my monitors and do the tablet work there. You could set the mapping to 'monitor' then choose '1', I believe that will give yoi the second screen only being mapped to your tablet. There may be other ways of doing it, you could try talking to Wacom support to see if they have any suggestions. I hope this is of some help anyway!
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