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Thread: Will Studio Pro and Art Rage 2 still be available?

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    Will Studio Pro and Art Rage 2 still be available?

    I've upgraded to Art Rage 4, but I'm wondering if older versions will still be available for those with older operating systems? I've been trying to start digital painting classes in my local area and I'm using Art Rage- as it is my all time favorite! It would be a helpful to know if someone with a laptop with an older operating system can still get one of the older versions.

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    If you already own ArtRage 2 or Studio/Pro you can still register them in the Member Area to download but we don't sell them any more. The difficulty of supporting older products on new operating systems means that it would be hard for us to provide fixes if problems appeared in recently sold product on a new OS and there does come a point where we need to discontinue them to avoid customers having problems. While it's true that they still work fine on older operating systems, maintaining support for them and avoiding customers accidentally buying them for newer systems is unfortunately too much for us to handle.
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