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Thread: Workbench and extra click

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    Workbench and extra click


    In Workbench mode:

    If I click on the color then I get the precise colorpicker.

    Then I choose a color

    Then when I go back to the canvas I shall use an extra click to activate the tool before it will paint

    That is after choosing the color the brush is inoperative until I click an extra time

    That means the Workbench is slower than the other mode to work in


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    The beauty of workbench mode is that you can choose what palettes you want to have visible and keep most of your area free of palettes.

    It is pretty similar to the way it worked in ArtRage 3.5 where it was called clear canvas mode by hitting the return key. You can still use the return key as a way to quickly get into workbench mode and also out of it.

    If you select the menu in the upper left corner of the workbench you can choose view> precise color picker. Now you can click and paint the way you are used to (one click on a color and paint) and have a floating color picker you can move around anywhere you like.

    Clicking on the color window in workbench mode does bring up a temporary precise color picker. The extra click is just to dismiss that palette from view.
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    There's also the floating color picker option. Just click and drag (don't tap) the color swatch on the Work Bench panel, and the floating color picker will open (also accessible by holding Ctrl+Alt and left clicking/placing pen on the canvas). Lift the mouse button or pen from tablet will cause the picker to close immediately. Watch the following video for a visual example:

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