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Thread: Dettached Workbench Menu Request

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    Dettached Workbench Menu Request

    Can the workbench menu become free floating over the surface? To be moveable all around the screen, so it can be placed wherever the artist needs it, not just docked on the sides.

    Right now it covers a lot of the monitor, i mean the whole length of the screen, most of it being just a fill gradient color (maybe just make it shorter).
    Some tablets (Wacom Cintiq) have some precision issues over the edge of the surface, and clicking something so far to the edge and corners becomes a great challenge. It is just easier to call up the whole interface and, even then, the buttons are close to the edge, but at least far from the dreaded corners.

    As an added annoyance, can i ask for undo/redo buttons on the workbench menu? Some times using a keyboard is not a good option ergonomically.

    Thank you for listening

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    Yes, I also would like to see a floating workbench panel. I've cheekily made a mock-up idea below.
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    I like this idea
    And I like your mock-up too Jono
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    As a workaround for now, maybe the ArtRage Pen-Only Toolbar (see the Art Supplies section) can be useful for what you ask.

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