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Thread: AR 4 - Still no Stylus Controlled Pencil Tilt?

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    Unhappy AR 4 - Still no Stylus Controlled Pencil Tilt?

    Edit: Sorry didnt see the post about this topic below. Heres hoping the technical issues can be solved soon! Look forward to the update.

    Am I wrong in this?
    With all the new stylus controls I was hoping I would be able to assign the pencil tilt slider to the wacom tilt function.
    Considering you can assign it to the airbrush if you want to I see no reason why you cant assign it to the pencil.
    It seems almost archaic to have to adjust a slider in order to to use the side of a pencil lead.

    Even the new clone tool has an assignable tilt function control. Why does that get a tilt function and the pencil does not?

    Can this be patched please?

    This was the one thing I was hoping for that I didnt get.

    Its put me on a bit of a downer on what should have been a day of playing with cool new things.

    Sorry about the rant, im just a bit disappointed.
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