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Thread: ArtRage 4 and "real" color blending

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    ArtRage 4 and "real" color blending

    Dear dev team,

    I'm really happy with the newest release. New additions are great!

    I'm a bit dissapointed however with how "real color blending" works - for me it seems that not much has changed since 3.5. Especially when mixing blues and yellows - it usually produces almost the same shade of green, very saturated.

    Is there any chance to get this bit improved?

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    We did some work on the real color blending model but it became apparent that the limitations of digital blending make it really hard to satisfy every situation without damaging others. However, I'm seeing blue + yellow blends producing greens in roughly the same saturation as the initial blue-yellow. If I continue blending the green back in to the blue/yellow there might be a slight shift upwards and I believe that's as a result of the gamma adjustment we do to avoid other problems.

    However - The system is pretty flexible internally and one thing we want to do is expose controls for adjusting it so that if you find your particular mode of working is exposing an issue, you can tweak the simulation away from that. Not sure when we will be able to do that exactly, but it's on the cards!
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    Well that sounds great! Looking forward to see it in action Thanks Matt!

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