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Thread: ArtRage 4.0.1 working items.

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    ArtRage 4.0.1 working items.

    Just a quick post to let you know that we're working on a 4.0.1 patch currently. We've solved the problem of package files not correctly installing presets and a couple of other minor issues in the background. We're currently aware of and are working on a fix for a problem that causes panels to vanish on Mac OS X when using double monitors (it seems to vary by OS version). We hope to have an update out soon.
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    Is here the correct place for let you know a possible "bug" on ArtRage 4?
    If yes, I will be back later and post the details


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    If you are having any problems with Artrage, please email the details to me at and I can help, we always appreciate people letting us know about problems. This thread is somewhat out of date, we're just about to release the 4.0.2 update ( in the next few minutes from this post )
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    I have just sent you an email.

    Thank you

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