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Thread: ArtRage 4 and Linux

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    ArtRage 4 and Linux

    Dit try to run it under wine 1.4.1, got a visual c++ runtime library error.

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    I didn't manage to install it at all. However, copying AR4 installation from Windows into my wine directory did the trick. Haven't encountered any issues during couple of quick tests.

    Works on:
    Netrunner 12.12 32-bit /Kubuntu-based OS/, wine 1.5.21.
    Debian Wheezy 64-bit, wine 1.4.1.
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    I tried installing using in wine using the same method that I used to install ArtRage 3.5 (by copying the extracted msi file and installing from that) and I also got an error. So far no luck installing under wine...

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