First of all, i did not know where to put this thread, maybe the admins will find another section for it...
Second, this is a project turned out by the wish of making my personal workspace much pleasant and inspiring. I still need aproval to use the logo of ArtRage for the form intended. I just took the liberty to crop it out from the manual's first page, and enhance it with my personal touch. Please fell free to add opinions.
My working space is now dull and unnapealing to me. ArtRage brought me much joy (I even bought a second license of ArtRage4 to give it as a gift to the next enthuziast that i'll meet) and therefore it sparkled me with the vision of my ""This is how i want to be"-feature. I will refurbish my desk wrapping it up with printed selfadhesive sheet, coated with a protective film for hard traffic, used in advertising production. All represented items are in real, measured proportion.
So... hit me
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