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Thread: Snippets on AR4

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    Snippets on AR4

    EDIT - AR 4.01 has fixed the arpack installation at my end, so here is a new arpack installer. 2 versions of the same thing, one zipped, one not.

    Let me know if you have any issues.

    Congratulations to the team on another amazing update! I reckon you might be having a lie-in this morning.
    A short article on some of my beta testing exploits: or

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    Thanks was going to ask if i could us it, but thought i'd wait til after testing

    Boxy when i installed the apack it didn't make the preset folder or installed the the presets, but the sticker steets were ok.

    *EDIT* after re installing the arpack i did a search and the .prs files are in the zip but wont instill.
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    I love your mosaic brushes! Thank you so much!

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    Hi there

    Thanks for the Artpack

    I have same problem as Graham it does not install on Artrage 4


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    Thanks! But I too am having trouble with your artpack in Artrage 4.

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    I too can' install it...

    I've downloaded your file. I run it, it opens artrage 4, says installation OK.... but I can't find de presets in the tools pod(stickers)
    Further help needed..


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    i found my mosaic in the sticker spray presets

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    OK I too found them.
    I had to do a manual import

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    well I've tried everything I know and I cannot get that file to just wont unzip lolol
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    EDIT: This post should no longer be necessary with the fix in AR4.01

    Hmm, either I am doing something wrong or AR4 is not installing the folder holding the three .prs files properly. What's more, the installed Packages panel says they are installed in the sticker spray presets, yet when I do a search on my computer they are nowhere to be found:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Try downloading and installing this package (there are 2 versions, a zipped one and an unzipped .arpack):


    If after installing you don't see a Sav_Mosaic folder from the dropdown list in Sticker Spray>Presets>Group you'll have to install manually for now.

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    On my computer the arpack does install the stickers;
    Name:  ArtRage 4ScreenSnapz013.jpg
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    To install the folder Sav_Mosaic manually follow the steps below.

    1. Download the Sav_Mosaic folder containing the prs files here:

    2. Choose Sticker Spray>Presets>options(the little page icon)>Open User Tool Presets Folder
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    3. Manually drag the Sav_Mosaic folder to Custom Content>Tool Presets>Sticker Spray

    4. Quit and relaunch AR4
    5. The preset folder should now appear in the Presets>Group drop down list

    Sorry, I will submit a report as I think it might be a six legged creature.
    Let me know if you can get them to work.
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