This thread explains how to claim a discount when upgrading to ArtRage 4 from a previous version of ArtRage when you own a version purchased on Steam.

Who Can Upgrade.

Any Steam user who purchased ArtRage Studio Pro on Steam can upgrade to ArtRage 4 at a discount. If you purchased during our Grace Period (post the winter sale ending Jan 6th 2013) you are eligible for a free upgrade to ArtRage 4. If you purchased before that time you are eligible for a 50% discount.

How To Upgrade.

To upgrade your product, log in to Steam. If you have been gifted a free copy of Artrage 4 due to grace period purchase it should have been allocated to you already and you can find it in your library. If you are eligible for a 50% discount you will find this discount applied automatically when you go to purchase ArtRage 4 from the Steam Store.

Contacting Support:

If there are any problems, please contact us via the Support Page.