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Thread: use Griffen Powermate to Rotate Canvas

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    use Griffen Powermate to Rotate Canvas

    In an animation application I have called TVPaint I can use a Griffin Powermate wheel to activate the Rotate canvas feature making it very easy to rotate my drawing while I'm working on it. I'm new to ArtRage , so I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to program a Griffin Powermate to work with the rotate feature in ArtRage ? The problem I'm having so far is that the rotate keyboard shortcuts are

    Alt/Option + Right Click Drag
    Space + Alt/Option + Left Click Drag

    but there doesn't seen to be any way to program Right Click Drag and Left Click Drag as a keyboard command in the Griffin Powermate control panel . So far all I can do is program it so that when I touch the Griffin Powermate wheel the rotation feature of ArtRage will activate, but I still have to touch the Wacom stylus to the surface of the Wacom tablet to actually rotate the canvas . What I'm trying to do is program the rotation so it's controlled by turning the Powermate wheel. (hope that's clear)

    Any ideas?

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    D.T Nethery- I use the Logitech NuLOOQ which has a similar function. I have spoken with the Ambient Team specifically Andy, and know that they are aware of the desire to have key assignments customizable. I can't recall if it is currently on the white board for any pre-3.0 release or not but Andy could shed light on that.
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