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Thread: ArtRage Studio Pro: Following Macintosh UX/UI Guidelines will make it more useful.

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    ArtRage Studio Pro: Following Macintosh UX/UI Guidelines will make it more useful.

    Dear Artrage developers:

    You have a fine set of applications.

    I'd like to request that ArtRage Studio Pro follow Mac guidelines.

    The simple things build confidence as one learns to use an application.

    For example:

    In Mac apps, the Application Menu always has:

    About... (to find the version number)
    Preferences... (to set defaults, such as file locations for scripts)

    I was looking to find out how to change where ArtRage has set defaults to save prerecorded scripts.
    Looking for Preferences.
    It's not there.

    I was looking to find how to let you know what version of Artrage Studio Pro I am using.
    Looking for About...
    It's not there.

    You might rightly say that they are somewhere else in the menus. I hope that they are. But why require users to spend time searching for simple elements like these?

    Consider starting with these two simple things to make your Mac application Mac-like.

    Thank you.

    David Newman
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    You can find the About Box in the Help Menu and the Preferences panel is currently accessed via the Edit menu. There is no preference for script save location, we use the Documents folder where you will find an ArtRage Paintings folder with a Scripts folder inside that. However, the app will remember the last location you used to save a script if you change that.
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