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Thread: Set opening size preference

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    Set opening size preference

    Is there a way to set a preference somewhere to always open the program in a desired size?
    Then I wouldn't have to go to edit/resize every time.

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    Artrage always opens with a canvas matching the window size. However if you have specific sizes you want to regularly use, what you could do is create a blank canvas with that size, then save the file. Double clicking that file will then launch ArtRage with that specific size loaded. I hope this is of some help.

    Otherwise I'd recommend File -> New Painting, then entering the values there rather than Edit -> Resize each time ( or press ctrl + N or cmd + N on OS X to open the new painting dialog ). Edit -> Resize is more for existing paintings you want to change the size of, so canvas grain etc is going to get scaled up which is generally undesirable for a new painting.

    Moving this to technical support.
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