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    Surface Tablet

    Has anyone tried ArtRage on the Surface tablet? How well does it work? How effective is the pen that comes with the tablet?

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    Good question. My hubby is really keen on the Surface and just told me that it comes with a pen. He is seriously considering purchasing one, so would be interested to hear from anyone who has one already.

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    The Surface Pro is just like any other tablet PC and has Wacom penabled technology. It should work perfectly with Artrage. It's worth noting that the Surface Pro is similarly spec'ed like an ultrabook for power containing a pretty powerful Core i5 processor. Battery life ranges about 4-5 hours. Anyone interested on hands on reviews from real users should check out TabletPCReview forums. There are many there giving user based reviews on the device.

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    If you're looking at the Surface rather than the Surface Pro, ArtRage won't run on the Surface as it only supports applications from Microsoft's appstore. The Surface Pro isn't limited to the appstore in this way. You may already be aware of this, just thought it might be worthwhile mentioning.
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    I guys, I've played around a bit with Surface Pro and Fresh Paint. Compared to the Wacom Stylus I've tryed on another tablet (as Microsoft employee my keyboard hang when I try to write any word beginning with an 'i' :-) ) the one included in the Surface Pro disapponted me a little as it is unbalanced on the rubber side. I hope I will be able to retest it soon with AR to see if the device responce is fluid and accurate. Regarding the the Surface RT an application enabling to run desktop application will be probably released in the next future, or at least some blogs say so. An open point would be if a single license can run AR both on a laptop and on the tablet. Any guess?
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    Just ordered

    I just ordered the Surface Pro from Microsoft. Supposed to be shipped overnight on Mar 1.

    Not holding my breath for that to happen, but I hope it does.

    When I get it I will report back but since it is a complete computer with the I-5 processor it should run ANY Windows program just fine.

    I'm wondering if my Wacom Inuos 3 tablet with interface with the Surface Pro, although theoretically (sp ) it shouldn't be necessary.

    I also have Leap Motion pre-ordered which will hopefully ship in the next couple of weeks.
    With the Leap it should be possible to finger paint
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    Hello all,

    Ran across this article and thought you all to read..

    It has a review of Surface Pro with a video clip of someone drawing (not with AR however).

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    I haven't tried it yet, however there are some issues with the driver related to wintab and pressure in photoshop.

    Microsoft is working with wacom to address this atm.

    Just fyi.

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    Surface Pro

    I've got a surface pro. It's got a lot of potential, but I don't recommend it for anyone who wants to rely on the stylus yet. I keep having to reinstall the drivers and I'm having a heckova time getting rid of stroke lag with Artrage. Overall, there are a lot of kinks ms needs iron out before this thing is worth the investment. I'm actually on my fifth surface, all others had to be returned for hardware problems, including two with dead pixels out of the box.

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