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Thread: ArtRage upgrade

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    ArtRage upgrade

    Hi folks,

    Could someone please confirm this:

    ArtRage 2 (got it with my bamboo) is for non-commercial use only. In order to use it for commercial purposes I need to update to pro (AR 3 studio pro would be my choice).
    When I do so, I will receive a discount. This month ArtRage 4 will be available. I can then upgrade from 3 to 4 with a 50% discount (Im wondering if AR 4 has also different versions and
    for which version I would receive the discount).


    I just buy AR 3 SP now and will get AR 4 for free (also wondering which version of it).




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    Versions of ArtRage received with a Wacom tablet can be used for commercial purposes, we don't limit the use of any version except the demo version so you don't need to upgrade.

    However, purchases of ArtRage Studio Pro made now will receive a free ArtRage 4 upgrade. Purchases of ArtRage Studio will receive a 50% discount on upgrades when 4 comes out.
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