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Thread: All suggestions welcome on starting a class

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    Question All suggestions welcome on starting a class

    Here's my story, I've been painting digitally for quite a few years, and just love the ease and "natural material like" feel of ArtRage Studio Pro. When I started to get active in local art groups in my area, I found there was a lot of misunderstanding about digital painting. My work has been accepted into a few shows, but I still hear things in the background like..... that's not like what I do, that's a photoshopped photo. There is also another artist in the group, who does manipulations of photos and drawings and calls it digital painting. I have no problem with it, but it doesn't help people to understand that what I do is not quite the same thing.
    Having been an art teacher in the school system at one time, I decided rather than argue, I'll take it as an opportunity to educate. One of the local art galleries, has offered to let me run a class in their space, but I haven't gotten significant enrollment as of yet. We are going to try again in the spring. I donated my time, to set up and demo at their last gallery Open reception. Well, I didn't get tomato stains on my shirt, but I do know there is some "hesitation" from traditional artists. I had one of my large pieces, printed and framed propped up an easel, I had a slide show on my computer that I ran intermittently during the evening, and I was painting with a second monitor turned so all would see.
    My goal is to have a beginners class, to get people interested. In the class perspectus, I encourage them to go to the website, and either purchase the program suitable for their laptop or IPad, or just come to the first class with the demo, and learn some of the basics. I would then like to facilitate an advanced group, that meets once a week, or maybe once a month, that would be more project oriented.
    If anyone has any experience in starting something like this, or has any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I don't have any experience in that sort of presentation, but I would recommend using ArtRages script recording feature. It'd be far easier to show them that your doing everything a traditional artist does does, only digitally, then it would be to explain it. Playing the recording back, they'd be able to everything, sped up, first hand.
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    Are asking for help about how to teach the class or how how to market it, or both?

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    Yo también soy Profesor de Artes Visuales, aunque ya estoy retirado. Pero desde que encontré casualmente Art Rage, la versión gratis (starter), supe que este software es una herramienta muy poderosa para enseñar. Y las versiones actualizadas, son cada vez más eficientes, dinámicas, creativas!!!

    No se contrapone a quien quiera, desee, pintar en formato tradicional. Creo que muchos ven a Art Rage como un programa que "hace por sí solo" las pinturas.
    Además, todas las técnicas que se utilizan en la pintura y las artes visuales, siempre han sido rechazadas por la gente del momento. Es natural en el ser humano reaccionar adversamente a "lo nuevo", ya que le teme.... Basta recordar cómo la técnica del óleo tuvo mucho rechazo, debido a que el aceite da, permite, un brillo y una textura que antes no se podía lograr con los pigmentos tradicionales.

    Pero, si nos fijamos en los niños, vemos eso todos los días, en cada momento de su existencia ellos están probando, experimentando, descubriendo...
    A muchos de mis colegas y amigos profesores de Arte, les he comentado lo maravilloso que es contar con este software, pero no se animan, no osan probarlo, aunque sea para entretención.

    Mi mayor impresión al descubrir Art Rage 2.0 fué ver cómo el pincel de óleo se ensuciaba al cargar otro tono o color...Y eso, solamente lo permite Art Rage.
    Mi opinión de Photoshop: está orientado hacia la gráfica, la publicidad, pero está lejos de la actividad artística. Y personalmente lo encuentro muy mecánico.
    La siguiente es una traducción de Google.

    The following is a Google translation

    I am also a Professor of Visual Arts, though I'm retired. But since I found casually Art Rage, the free version (starter), I knew that this software is a powerful tool for teaching. And the updated versions are becoming more efficient, dynamic, creative!

    Not opposed to anyone, want, paint in traditional format. I think many see Art Rage as a program that "makes itself" paints.
    In addition, all techniques used in painting and the visual arts have always been rejected by the people of the time. It is natural in humans react adversely to the "new", since he fears .... Just remember how the technique of oil had a lot of rejection, because the oil gives, permits, gloss and texture that previously could not be achieved with traditional pigments.

    But, if you look at children, we see that every day, in every moment of their existence they are testing, experimenting, discovering ...
    Many of my colleagues and friends art teachers, I have commented on how wonderful it is to have this software, but do not dare, do not dare to try it, even for entertainment.

    My biggest impression of Art Rage 2.0 discover was how the brush oil soiled to load a different tone or color ... And that only allows Art Rage.
    My opinion of Photoshop is oriented graphical advertising, but is far from artistic activity. And I find it personally very mechanical.
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    I have presented my work at an Artist Market and have found it difficult to convince some that it is actually done on a screen. Tech savvy people have no problem comprehending, but outside that, all many think is that you put a photo in, press a button and a painting comes out. Sometimes I bother to explain and other times I don't. I did take my tablet, but outside there is a problem with light messing with the screen.

    Nevertheless, I have sold well and am gaining an interested following, and at each market some young person wants a detailed explanation, then goes home to buy the program.

    I have occasionally thought about giving classes, and you seem to have tried many methods I would. I can't think of any thing more. I guess demonstrate as much as you can until people come around is all you can do.

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    I teach an ArtRage class (about 80 kids) during the summer to the kids Summer Camps here in the USVI. The class is about 4 hours long.

    I have discovered that by setting up a laptop with a large second monitor (for others to view) was the way to go.

    It is nice to have everyone on their computers but that is usually a problem getting that out of the house, for young kids. So, I decided to simply teach my class while one was on the laptop painting with ArtRage experimenting. Each student had 5 min painting time which was enough to totally spark the interest by hands on combined with the class .

    The students could go home and download the program demo and show their parents what it was and how it interested them in creating digital art. Many parents bought ArtRage for the kids as they could see that it was very interesting and they also wanted a go at it. As well, it keeps the kids off the net, computer games and actually doing something positive and creative. Having fun and learning is key to helping kids be constructive, positive and moving into the digital future.

    We had lots of fun, refreshments and learning about digital art. The kids really loved ArtRage and I think the parents did as well. The staff also got their chance at it and were very impressed.

    This is what I did and do, I don't know if that helps your needs.

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    Elaine, having been an art teacher in the school system at one time...

    Simplify it, simplify... Go with the basics, many smart traditional artists are not used with computers at all... It is just simple as this, they expend to much time painting in their own systematic world!

    Be ditactic

    1. Make a generic and simple oral straightforward presentation of what is digital painting. However, don't get into controversial issues such as digital versus traditional

    2. For your presentation use a PC and a big monitor;

    3. Show some of your paintings and explain a few basic technical other ragers artists paintings as well;

    4. Open the ArtRage program: explain very basic tool stuff...and do some brush oil color mixing (yellow+blue, yellow+red, red+blue), etc... and do some knife blending;

    5. Paint a simple theme, a flower for example. (previously paint in your home the same theme flower - 2 or 3 times or even more, with variations - so it gets almost automatic. Use the simplest technique that you are used to do oil? Watercolor? etc... and repeat it; and repeat...

    6. Read previously, about Giclee printing tech and talk a little about it; if you have you own prints show them, as I understand that you have;

    7. Evaluate people reactions and...and go ahead, just do it... try to open space for a future more complex class session.

    Obs.: as a teacher, practice previously your ​whole presentation, in your house, step by step, thoroughly, it will give you confidence in handling the fluctuations of the class, as questions, lack of interest... controversial points, iPad use of the program, for example. Follow exactly your elaborated class plan, this is very important!!! to not get lost in other issues and momentaneous distractions.

    Other than Bob, I think here in ArtRage, forum user Rowena has experience in teaching with ArtRage and Hanz is used to make public presentations.

    Good luck
    Oriane Lima
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    Let me start by saying I have no experience in starting a class and just dabble with artrage to amuse myself. I am also a widow on a single income with a job that is not Mon-Fri 9-5. Cost is important to me.

    Who are you trying to target with this class? What age group and disposable income level? Is the art gallery charging for the class? How much? What time and what day of the week are you offering your class? What were you using for your demonstration? I would assume you were using a tablet or an ipad?

    Here are my thoughts. You need to make it approachable. If I were to walk into the gallery I might very well stop to watch your demonstration, thinking to myself, that looks cool. I wish I could paint like that. And walk away. If you engage me and hand me your prospectus the first thing I'm going to look for is the cost, does it fit into my schedule, what do I need for the class? Can I try it out while I'm here? Do I have to have an ipad or laptop? Wow, that little graphics tablet costs how much? (Monoprice has decent tablets for under $100 btw, if your target group is cost conscience.) If cost is of no concern for your target group then I would say look at the time you are offering your class to see if it fits into their schedule.

    I would recommend you do more than one demonstration. You may have caught someone's interest that didn't have the time at that moment. Or went home and thought about it and said hmmm, that was interesting. I think I'll go back and take a closer look. Maybe they had the kids with them, or husband/wife that was not interested.

    If you are trying to "convert" traditional artists... I wish you good luck. If you are trying to gain more respect for your choice of medium amoung traditional artists I don't think a class is going to acomplish that. Just my opinion of course.

    Now where is that spell checker...?


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    Hey, Vicki... Thank you for that spell checker reminder. Made 2 corrections. Have always to use it from now on... great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lima View Post
    Hey, Vicki... Thank you for that spell checker reminder. Made 2 corrections. Have always to use it from now on... great.
    If you found one I'd dearly love to know where it is! My eyes are not as good as they once were. Apologies for highjacking the thread!

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