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Thread: Are we losing interest in the ArtRage Gallery?

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    Are we losing interest in the ArtRage Gallery?

    Gallery has lost interest? By some, by many... Why?

    1. No, it did'nt... stupid question!

    2. Yes, because it has a kind of frozen unnatractive display.

    3. Definitely yes. Comparing, the old design was inspirational and more abrangent.

    4. Who cares, this is not important.

    5. I did not thought about that. Go f...ind another thing to Mf...ember.

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    What an interesting observation and question. I think some of your choices are very amusing and I was tempted to pick them because they were funny to say.

    The gallery seems to go through hot and cold periods. Actually it looks like it's picking up some new members which is great! It was slowing down at a couple points.

    There have been a lot of distractions like holiday travels, Olympics, hurricanes, behind closed doors goings on and whatever else. And there is a new release of ArtRage coming which might flush people out of hiding and attract lots of new interest. I am guessing that we're on the upswing again.

    But that's just me. I would be curious to hear from others too.
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    There used to be a nice interface in the user galleries where you could comment on pictures in the gallery and you could choose to view them in order of the most recent commented upon. Loved it.
    I really miss that. Trying to find images that have been uploaded recently doesn't always work so well because the little bar only holds a limited number of images. It doesn't work very well to view recently uploaded images. It works if you know the artist you are looking for and want to see their work, but a lot of members don't actually participate in the main gallery forum yet they post work in the user galleries.
    You can find some real gems in there that get missed in the main forum, but to find them is cumbersome, unless they have posted a recent image, then you can click on that image and find more of the work. I understand that there are over 1100 users of the gallery so maybe that is why it is necessary, but it definitely is not a pleasure to use anymore. I am not sure whether there still exists a way to know when someone has commented on a picture. I sure haven't seen updates. It used to be if you commented on a picture and then someone else did you would get a notice. It is certainly not something anyone could
    address probably with being so busy with the new artrage and the updates to the ipad versions and all the other stuff that needs to be worked on it would be a low priority. If, on the other hand, there is a website administrator it might be a good thing to look at.
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    amd I miss the old gallery also

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    Considering the gallery as a "Who's-What-How" display, i'm puzzled... How on earth can i enter the gallery?!? I ment the whole gallery, like in an art gallery... but no, what i see is the few recent uploads (how new, for how long?) and some static featured. And, huh, i managed to acces the galery browser that gives me no category but only alphabetical member links. Am I doing something wrong?

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    I agree that old gallery was better.

    BTW, I think it would be great if we could start a gallery where we could sell our images. Most of the online galleries are outrageously complicated, to me anyway!

    Visit my gallery here.


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    The old gallery software wasn't able to run with current versions of the forum software and was creating some additional problems for users so had to be retired. We'll be looking at the gallery system in the future, we're just busy with working on the app at the moment. If anyone's having problems, please email me at with the details and I'll be happy to help.
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    Maybe a little nudging is necessary.

    I'm relatively new to the forum. I hadn't really thought much about posting to the gallery. But when I saw your post, I decided to go take a look. At first, it wasn't real obvious how to add your own gallery, so that might be the problem with a few people.

    So now that I have started a gallery, I will probably be back to see if I have any comments. People get discouraged posting unless they get some feedback on their work. So perhaps a little nudging, to get people to post their work, AND to comment on other's work would help make it a more active feature.

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    Yes I would agree the new gallery is NOT user friendly nor does it encourage exploration, I have become friends with several artist who do not post on the forum but only upload to the gallery, the little slider bar is useless as someone adds a bunch of works others get bumped off. If you know an artists name and are diligent you can eventually get to their gallery , but search pages of G's takes sometime before people get to gxh...... If there were a "main gallery" for works by month that could then be archived off. that would be nice.. also if displayed works linked to artists gallery page.. Given this is a "software" company we are lucky to have the forum and gallery at all. but still one can only hope for a better gallery experience.

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