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Thread: Colour Mixing Issues

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    Colour Mixing Issues

    I've been trying to replicate various paint colours in ArtRage on iPad to practice creating colours from mixes and I'm finding that mixing blue a yellow together just gives me a very light blue or light aqua colour, nothing at all looking like a nice green. What's the issue here? Is ArtRage unable to properly mix colours? I thought that was the whole point of ArtRage. I tested the same thing in Paper by 53 by mixing two colours together and got the perfect green. I realise both apps are very different but it'd be nice to get the same colours happening when mixing that you would with physical paint.

    Also, the ability to create our own colour picker rather than just the swatches would be great, just so I can set up a colour wheel with a specific set of colours, like I can in the desktop version.

    thanks for reading

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    ArtRage for iPad uses standard RGB colour blending due to the additional overheads added by the full real blending system. While some apps that just apply basic pixel colour values to the canvas can use blend modes internally to simulate some of the facets of real blending, our paint simulation doesn't really allow for that. At some point in an update we may look at introducing real colour blending as the devices get faster but I can't say when that might be.
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