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Thread: Serial Key Problem

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    Serial Key Problem

    This isn't a problem that FAQ seems to be able to answer. I bought a bamboo tablet and it came with ArtRage Studio. I don't remember if I downloaded it off the site or if there was a CD for it, but I installed it and typed in the serial key. That was back in October of last year (2012). Now (February) I tried using it again and am being prompted for the serial key. I don't know why I need the serial key again when I've already typed it in AND already used the program once or twice. The problem is I don't know where the hell the CD is for ArtRage and I never created an account on the artrage website so I have no clue what to do.

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    If the product is asking for the serial number again either the original data has been removed by something, or the app no longer has access to it. We're going to need to troubleshoot with you, could you send an email to and let us know which operating system you're using so we can help.
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