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Thread: I cannot draw lines on the canvas- HELP NEEDED!!!! (Now fixed)

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    Exclamation I cannot draw lines on the canvas- HELP NEEDED!!!! (Now fixed)

    ​When I click on the canvas it creates a dot as expected, however when I click and drag across the canvas it does not make a line on the canvas- only a dot
    This happens when using both a mouse and a graphics tablet, I have the latest drivers and I am able to draw lines on other software such as paint, so I think the problem is with ArtRage2.6
    I am unable to do any painting/drawing until this is fixed, if anyone knows how to fix it or knows if i'm making a mistake, then please can you help me!!!!!! I can give screenshots if it helps

    I am able to make a stroke on the canvas if I have another program open, and the computer is focusing on this other program. I am able to make a stroke with any tool when I first interact with the ArtRage software, however as soon as I stop holding that stroke down, I am unable to make any more lines.

    I have found out how to fix it!!!! If I run ArtRage2.6 as an administrator instead of opening the program normally then I am able to apply brush strokes to the canvas and use the other tools correctly.

    Thanks a lot if anyone had a look into this problem for me, but it is now fixed!!!
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    I think that's the most peculiar problem I've seen for a while! I'm glad it's working for you now but it sounds like there may be an underlying problem as ArtRage doesn't require Administrator access for anything at runtime.

    If you are interested in looking further in to it to see if we can work out what's going on, could you drop an email to and let us know what operating system you're using? We might be able to see what's causing the issue if we do some troubleshooting.
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