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Thread: Random stencil malfunction MAYDAY

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    Exclamation Random stencil malfunction MAYDAY

    I have ArtRage Studio Pro, and recently, the stencils have been giving me trouble. It seems the program doesn't register that I'm drawing anything except a single dot while I'm going over a stencil. Everything else works perfectly fine, including drawing without a stencil.

    I use this program for business, and so I can't move forward with the project until this is fixed. I am using a laptop with a touchpad (no graphics tablets or mouses).

    Please help ASAP!

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    Just to be thorough, are you sure your stencils are set to use the "stencil" mode? They would be red in color if they were. Otherwise, you'd be using them in Ruler (white), or Guide (blue) modes, which force the tools to follow the edges of the stencil, and could cause a similar result to what you explained, if you attempting to paint over a textured stencil.
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