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Thread: "Sample all layers" equivalent (PS)

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    "Sample all layers" equivalent (PS)

    Trying to smudge the crap out of a few areas without merging layers (I'd like to keep them on a separate layer for changes for now)
    so I was looking for a function similar to the PS smudge tool "sample all layers" setting. Can't find one.
    Anyone got an idea for a workaround or are there settings I've simply missed?

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    There isn't a setting to make the palette knife work across all layers. Because we're working with texture and other properties as well as colour it's hard to have layers interacting like that, you will need to merge them if you want to get them all working together.
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    Only workaround I can think of is to merge all of your layers. Then copy the merged layer (select the layer and hit Ctrl + C), followed by undoing the merge to get your original layers back. Then paste the copied layer on top of the others. Tweak the areas you need to on the merged layer and erase away whatever you don't need/want.

    EDIT - Or export the image as a PNG (be sure to turn the canvas lighting off first). Then import the exported image to a layer on top of the others. I mentioned exporting without the lighting, because if you kept it, and then brought the layer back in, the texture of the raised paints and canvas grains would double up. A Downside to this method is that thick/wet paint areas of the layers would be lost.
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    I see your point, a lot of things to consider. I'll try 'sanes suggestion, seems reasonable.
    Luckily not an effect needed often.

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