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    What does Corel painter have that Artrage doesn't?

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    Does it really matter, they both have their place

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    a confusing interface maybe?
    I think you are right though, with the addition of watercolor
    and customized sticker brushes... Artrage can do pretty much what Painter can do.
    The great thing about ArtRage is that a young person can pick it up and begin doing art
    without such a daunting interface.

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    The way you ask the question, it might better be asked in a Corel forum or doing a search elsewhere.

    I think an answer that applies to all programs is what can you do with the programs. I think a skilled artist will bring their painting sensibilities to whatever they use and thus make any painting sing, considering that the programs are as deep as these. And it's hard to make sweeping generalizations about people's working methods which vary considerably from artist to artist. What is comfortable. What gets least in the way of what one wants to do. Experience and facility determines real features rather than what is listed as the features on the box.

    Most every program out there has more features than I use. So if one program can do amazing things that I have no use for, what practical good is it to me until I want to try it a different way.

    I would recommend looking at what you want to do first. Look at demos on Youtube. And even at that you would only get a smattering of what these programs are capable of. Try out the demos and then decide. I still use programs I learned a long time ago for things that might be done easier in another program. But because I know those other programs, I use them.

    Does Painter still have animation? I don't even know. Personally, I never could get into that program. Doesn't mean it's a shallow or featureless program. I tend to evaluate in a highly subjective way.
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    The difficulty for me (and I emphasise 'for me') with Painter (and I have only used Painter Lite) is that the technology gets between me and my art such as it is.

    And I agree your question is probably better posed on the Corel boards.

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    A higher price.

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