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Thread: multitouch pinch zoom and windows 8

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    multitouch pinch zoom and windows 8

    I have been trying to get multitouch pinch zoom and rotate working on my Samson Ativ 700t. The Windows slate is running Win8 pro.. I can get the pinch zoom working a little by messing with the input settings but there is no panning or rotating.. Anyone have a suggestion for the settings to get this working? Thanks!

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    Pinch zoom is a special case gesture (it actually generates mouse wheel events). If the other gestures aren't working you should check that the in the Preferences panel under Input you have Use Wintab turned off, and Use Realtime Stylus turned On. That sets ArtRage to use the OS default gesture system.

    We have seen a number of cases recently where the drivers used by Win8 PCs haven't been providing RTS information properly. If that doesn't help, make sure you have installed drivers specifically from your vendor and not a generic tablet input driver. If you've installed a driver from Wacom for example, that may not support your hardware properly. Uninstall the driver you have and run either a Windows update or an update from your vendor to make sure you have the correct drivers.
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    Works in windows 8.1 too

    I know this was an older post but it was the first one I found when searching. The solution you mentioned worked perfectly on my asus ep121 after upgrading to windows 8.1. Just wanted others to know that. Thanks!

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