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Thread: Adobe on a Budget

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    Adobe on a Budget

    If you're looking to enhance your studio tools you may be interested in this:-

    Adobe now offer all products in their Creative Studio on a subscription basis. Sub for an individual product or for the entire studio suite.
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    What a great way to have all the apps at your fingertips. Cool program! And if you have a student or are a student or teacher it is only 29.99 a month for academic price.

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    Someone else posted this not so long ago and it had me scratching my head about value. Maybe a budget, maybe not. Could add up kinda quick, especially if you end up buying the program after spending real cash on the rental unless it's a rent to own kind of thing.

    Also probably a handy thing if you know the programs since you're on a ticker, and if you knew the programs you would probably already own them or have had access to them another way like school. But yeah, I suppose for a run and gun kind of experience it could help you get a project started or fill in a portfolio or do a job on spec or something.

    Anyway, Adobe is getting creative with their marketing, that's for sure.
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