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Thread: Right-click problem in ArtRage Studio 3, Windows 7

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    Unhappy Right-click problem in ArtRage Studio 3, Windows 7

    I just got a Bamboo Splash tablet and installed ArtRage Studio 3 on my laptop. The problem I'm having is this:

    Whenever I try to simply put the pen near the tablet to register movement, the program treats it like I right clicked and am continuously dragging down. The canvas jumps down to the bottom and whenever I *left-click* with the pen to draw something, it acts like I'm right clicking. I get a single dot of paint, and then can't do anything else. The program has worked correctly once, so I'm thinking it might be something wrong with the tablet itself or the pen? Any suggestions/do you need more information?

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    Hi there,

    I suspect the tablet hardware is probably okay, it's more likely to be a tablet driver problem if you're getting unexpected input to ArtRage. Try the following:

    1/ Reset ArtRage's settings to default just in case ( Edit -> Preferences -> Click the menu at the top right and choose to reset to default, then restart ArtRage when prompted )

    2/ Make sure that if you have any rocker switches on your stylus that they don't appear to be stuck ( just pressing and releasing them should be enough )

    If that doesn't help, I'd recommend downloading the latest driver software for your tablet from

    When you've downloaded the latest driver, remove your current Wacom tablet driver via the Windows control panel 'Programs and features'.

    Then restart your computer before double clicking the file you downloaded to install the latest version. This seems to be cleaner than installing over the top or restarting and has solved a lot of input problems in my experience.

    If you still have problems, please email me directly at and I can work with you more directly.
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