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Thread: Various Doodles by Alexandra 2013 New one last page

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    Various Doodles by Alexandra 2013 New one last page

    Hello everyone....I hope you don't mind me popping back in, I've missed everyone way too much.
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    Hi Sandy. Look we are both back. ha ha. good to see you back and painting again. s
    The background and detail on Kokopelli is amazing.
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    Coooooooeeeeeeeeeeeee Sandy, great to see you back again you have been missed very much. Love your latest painting. Now dont go away again
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    heya Sandy, good to see you back!
    I really missed looking at your colourful paintings - so please stay and post some more, they are unique!
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    ... looks as though you've passed through fairy doors and, happily for us, are able to say what is there ...
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    wow cool sandy very nice sorry, didn't know you were gone but hey glad your back!

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    brilliant work again, and we missed you a bunch!.. I like the close up of the swim cap a very clever way of taking an initial impression of an abstract pattern and setting it into a common setting...also the fairy with the green eye, hopefully is bringing us good luck...I think 2013 will be a much better year..

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    Alexandra!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!

    Your time away certainly hasn't hurt your painting any. Very interesting. It looks to me as if your style has morphed somewhat although I can see traces of where you were headed before in these.

    I think particularly the [fourth - you added two more in the middle ] one with the green eye is really amazing. I love the way you've filled the space in a decorative way with the leaves and so forth. It's undeniable who the center focus is, and all else embellishes the pic. It leaves me with a combination of impressions that range from cute to toy to caricature. It feels full and rich, and I could see it on a package for a Troll Doll - the teenage daughter action figure who is getting invited out on a date.

    The one on top impresses me as an allegory in which the primary feature is the contrast between youth and beauty and age. I can't tell if this is about the young woman having somewhere in the back of her mind the idea that someday she will be older, or if it's about the older woman feeling like she is young in her own mind. . . or a projection thing.Of course it could always be just a couple women at the pool.

    Great seeing you posting again.

    Edit: changed which number the green eyed one was in the order they appear.

    By the way, I LOVE the glasses!!!!! Heh.
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    Hey Albert dear, I am sorry I missed you this morning. Hope you haven't gone and hurt yourself as I have. Thank you!

    Thank you-you sweet dear Katie. I really appreciate it. I am world fell apart there for a bit, and then me nearly breaking my arm off didn't help things at all.
    I need to work on my bathing lady though-I was in a hurry this morning. I will clean her up soon.

    MSIE, Thank you very much. I loved your designs, and look forward to catching up with all of your fantastic work!

    Dearest Chinapete, In many ways this is true. The giants we planted twenty years ago, evergreen and whispering with the pine, pecans, and mighty oaks....the soft steps of the doe chewing on the wild honeysuckles, kudzoo, and berry bushes.... and the soft flutter of the chickadees can certainly spark an imagination. Thanks so much, I am looking forward to seeing your latest as well.

    Dear John, I re-read your comment, and thankfully you were helped! My husband had gone through this once too and it paralyzes me to think about it at times. You take good care of yourself now!!!! I fell twice in two weeks- bad luck things really-a long story-but I have been through MRI's and x-rays-and to make this shorter I will just say that I have a year's worth of painful therapy if I ever want to use my left arm again.

    Thanks so much Gary. It will be a toughie, but my attitude sure has changed. Life sure has a way of knocking a person around a bit, but then again we how would stories be written, or paintings be painted? Got to have our black and blue's huh?

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    Hello D Akey, so glad to see you before I sign off, and thank you so very much. I am afraid the bathing cap drawing was an ibuprofin doodle. Yep, that was it. Who knows what a dislocated shoulder and pinched nerve will make a woman do? Draw butterflies on a woman's head, yep that's it. Maybe this should be a warning on the bottle label.
    Always a blast reading your thoughtful and intelligent comments!

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