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Thread: Keyboard shortcut for manipulating settings / switching presets?

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    Question Keyboard shortcut for manipulating settings / switching presets?

    Hi - Was wondering if there's a way to directly jump to a particular setting (or preset) using key strokes.

    Eg: If I need to use the circular selection tool for a brief period I would
    1. Use Ctrl+Alt+O to open up the settings panel
    2. Use the pen(/mouse) to switch to the circle.
    3. Repeat this at a later point in time when I inevitably need to switch back to square.

    Is there a way to assign a shortcuts at a more fine-grained level on the settings/presets panel?

    True that I could just use the pen to click, but that is slightly annoying in that it breaks the flow while drawing IMO.

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    There aren't configurable keyboard shortcuts available for presets / individual tool modes so I can't think of a way of doing that at the moment. Thanks for the feedback though!
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