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Thread: Selection Tool preset

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    Selection Tool preset

    When I use the selection tool and choose for example "Soft Circle" or "Freehand Circle" the result is the same as if I chose the "Hard Circle". I am using ArtRage 3 Studio. Any suggestions?

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    Hi and welcome Lauramae
    I hope I'v understood what you are saying there.
    Just did a quick test and have to say for me the selection presets work as expected.
    When you select an area and have the line of "marching ants" there will be no discernible difference initially, not until you perform another action like as in this example, using the fill tool in the selected areas.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yeah, the dotted selection line is only a representation of where the edge of selection is reaching. When there is no feathering, a color fill of the selection will fill right up to the edge of the line (the red arrow in the screen shot below, shows this). When the selection is feathered, despite the dotted line looking like a hard edge, a color fill of the selection will spill over the line and gradate into 0 opacity. This is because the dotted line represents the center point of where the fill ends and begins its gradation. In the screen shot, the green arrow is where the feathering starts, the yellow arrow is the center point of the feathering and where the selection line appears, and the blue arrow is where the feather completes.

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