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Thread: Dry spell

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    Dry spell

    Every so often I go through a dry spell where I can't get the creative juices going and just stop trying to do any painting. Then I start going back through older posts for the technical ideas and the art supplies and get enthused again. Only trouble is, when an idea pops into my head I can't stand being stuck at work. I want to stop all the work nonsense and pop open Art Rage and experiment with what I have found. It is amazing how quickly hours can seem like minutes when you get immersed in Art Rage. Ain't we havin fun?????

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    So true! No materials to buy, just sit down with AR and make it happen. If something's not right, undo or start a new one.

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    Jot a quick note when you get the idea, if you're really wanting to hang on to it. Of course that could leave you with hundreds of incomplete notes pulling on you. I've found that a real dilemma because if I leave it for later, it's gone. More often than not, I have to get inspirations or things I'm not used to doing all down in one sitting.

    I have my professional style where I can stop and start pretty much any time. But if I'm running with real inspiration in new directions, I have to get it down immediately before it cools off.

    Good luck. If you find a solution, please share your insight. If you're just venting, I hear you! And yes, time changes when focused on painting. It surely does.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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