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Thread: QUESTION for laptop touchscreen users

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    QUESTION for laptop touchscreen users

    Hey, I just purchased a Sony Vaio E series 14" touchscreen laptop. Artrage was loaded on it when I got it. When I tried it out, I noticed a problem. When I draw a line with my finger it works great, but if I then lift my finger and try to draw somewhere else on the canvas, the program connects the two lines automatically, making an ugly zigzag pattern over my pictures. Is there any way to get around this problem?? Is my touchscreen defective?

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    This relates to information ArtRage is receiving from the tablet driver. It's likely that a future driver update will solve this, but you can also change Artrage's input settings to correct the problem. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Input, then check 'use precise tablet'. Click OK then restart ArtRage. I hope this helps!
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