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Thread: Storyboard Artwork Project needs human figures

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    Storyboard Artwork Project needs human figures

    The Storyboard Artwork Project needs illustrations created in ArtRage of the same human figure drawn from three or more angles. The project's goal to create digital "Rubber Stamps" which can be used by kids to create storyboards for motion pictures.

    If you like to draw human figures (full length or bust), here is a good excuse to draw the same figure from different angles. Illustrations must be submitted as GNU Open Source documents so your illustrations can be used in schools everywhere. Illustrations should be at least 500 pixels tall.

    To learn more about this project, go to Storyboard Artwork Project at Wikiversity. Or simply email me at r_elliott -at-

    Currently, we are looking for a young but curious person (about ten years old) and an older and wiser person.
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