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Thread: ArtRage in Video on Times Square Sony Billboard

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    Thumbs up ArtRage in Video on Times Square Sony Billboard on ArtRageTV Published on 24 Dec 2012

    An ad by Sony.....very cool! Read the note under the video too....>what artists participated.

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    Intriguing. Do they have ArtRage bundled on the Sonys?

    Clever idea to do a Youtube link mentioning that it was ArtRage otherwise it would be passed over. Certainly shines ArtRage in a very respectable light. The world is changing and it's nice to see that AR is right there in the thick of it.

    I had to laugh at the artist at the end using binoculars to see the model. Couldn't tell if that was also product placement or a birdwatching analogy. From that I could get that one could go out into the world with their VAIO and have an artistic experience similar to having a camera with a telephoto lens. All the techno bells and whistles for old school art experiences. I wanna play! I hope the artist didn't need the binoculars to see the 5-10 feet to the model. Hahahah.
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    That is very cool that Sony invited digital artists to draw on their laptops. Thanks for sharing.

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