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Thread: Undo not working correctly

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    Question Undo not working correctly

    Hey everyone,

    Is anyone noticing an issue with the Undo command in the newest ArtRage Studio Pro? I'm working on a MacBook Unibody (mid 2010), OS Lion 10.7.5, using a Wacom Intuos 4 Medium.... Ever since the last update (I think it was about then), I've actually been having quite a few issues. The undo is the worst. It just randomly won't allow me to undo something. The feature will work fine for a while and then - BAM! - nada. A few times, ArtRage has just crashed, too. If anyone has noticed something similar, or if the ArtRage peeps have any info on this, please share. I'd love to fix it or know a fix is coming soon. Thank you!


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    It sounds like something may be going on in the background, this isn't something we've seen a lot of and it may relate to disk access. We're going to need some more details and do some troubleshooting with you so could you drop us a mail to and let us know:

    1. How large a file you're working on.
    2. Whether anything you do in the painting seems to cause the undo problems to happen.
    3. Details of any of the other problems you're seeing, they may be relevant.

    We should be able to use that information to start looking in to what's causing the problem for you.
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    No, you are not alone kpanda333.
    I've reported this very thing as well in this thread;
    Whilst not a show stopper, it is getting quite annoying now.
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