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Thread: Working with reference images - hiding and bringing to front

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    Working with reference images - hiding and bringing to front

    There are two problems when working with reference images:
    Specific situation:
    I am working from about 10 reference images, constantly jumping from one to another to pick out bits of different images to incorporate in a large painting. It is proving very cumbersome.

    1. Identifying images in the reference panel
    Problem: If you have 10 reference images all on top of each other, and you want to hide or remove one of them, you have to first try and figure out which one it is in the reference pane. This is very difficult if you have a lot of images and many of them are similar. The thumbnails in the reference pane are too small to easily identify the image that you currently are working with and want to remove or hide.
    Potential Solution: When you click on a reference image, highlight it in the reference pane so you can then see which one it is and either hide or remove it.

    2. Bringing reference images to the front.
    Problem: If you have 10 references images all on top of each other, and you want to bring one to the front, it is impossible to quickly bring it to the front. You have to either move all the reference images one by one looking for the one you want, or go to the reference pane and hide all the reference images then turn on the one you want.
    Potential Solution: When you click on an image in the reference pane, bring the corresponding image to the front in the working area.

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    +1 on solutions!

    I usually make an imageboard with several references and export it as a separate image then use that as ref.
    Takes a few minutes to arrange but then I can use the ref-pods commands to move around on that
    and zoom in/out to select what I need to see for the moment.

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    thank you for the suggestion - feedback for ArtRage Developers

    Thank you for the suggestion. I can see that process being easier to use, but it means working outside of ArtRage and an extra step and quite time consuming, particularly if you keep changing your mind about the reference photos or finding new photos to work from, that then have to be added to the collage.

    Note to developers of ArtRage:

    It seems to me that if you have to use this procedure as a workaround for working with multiple reference images, then it highlights a big problem with ArtRage's user interface. It means that the existing reference photo user interface is failing to work in a usable way when you are working multiple photographs and needs some modifications in order to make it easier to use.

    Any response from the ArtRage developers?

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    I've never really had an issue finding the references I'm looking for. Though, I also don't keep more than two or three loaded at a one time. Only because I know each image needs to be saved with the PTG, which means the file will be that much larger, and take that much longer to save/load each time. What I like to do, is place my needed references into a folder, which I keep open while I work. When I need an image, I drag/drop it onto my screen and set it as a reference image.

    Have you considered increasing the size of the Reference panel (which increases the thumbnail size with it)? It could make visually locating the references easier for you.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. If you have a specific reference image you want to remove or hide you can also right click that reference image on the canvas and choose 'remove this reference' or 'hide this reference' directly.

    Moving reference images to the front via clicking in the reference panel is something we have already noted to look into and will be in the next update.
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