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Thread: Colour Space questions

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    Colour Space questions

    Right.... Where to start? I'm only just starting to get "interested" in this issue so please bear with me, I'll probably mess it up, a lot of stuff to keep track of.

    I've run in to some bumps with a few prints (CMYK-print for book covers) and to avoid those in the future I'm starting to calibrate my monitor.

    That leads me to the issue of color space. I know this will be tricky since my monitor won't be able to get very near Adobe RGB and most
    times it's hard to spot the difference anyway (unless you know what to look for I guess). But I would like to know anyway so that I understand
    what's happening behind the scenes. So I've been reading up on it but a few things are missing:

    What file-formats preserve colors the best and can I get it out of AR?
    I just assume AR internally can produce the full range of Adobe RGB (and beyond? as most paint software does... or?) or is this a ghost chase?

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    I realize this is mostly for photography (RAW-format) but I still find it interesting. What is the Gamut of AR? so to speak...

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    ArtRage uses the full RGB colorspace. It doesn't do internal color management.

    When exporting, for best quality I recommend file types without lossy compression such as PNG

    I hope this is of some help.
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    Just the right amount of info

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