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Thread: some brush improvements - take from mypaint

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    some brush improvements - take from mypaint

    Take inspiration from mypaint.

    For inking:
    1. slow position tracking - this would allow for easier inking. It just slows down your brush velocity so its easier to make a smooth stroke and you know exactly how that stroke would look like. The current auto smoothing is an automatic solution that gives unpredictable result.

    2.Bending lines - like the ones in mypaint. It lets you make a straght line and then bend it by holding shift. Its especially useful when you make a sequence of lines. Again - makes inking much easier.

    some of the brushes in mypaint that I wish I could emulate in artrage, however I can't because the sticker spray tool is missing something.
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    There's certainly some interesting features in mypaint, its brush engine makes most of the parameters available for editing but it lacks the natural media tools.

    Its brush engine is comparable to the sticker spray tool.

    In Artrage I'd like to be able to control the spray rate by pen pressure. Spray variations is missing this option. I'd also like to change the presets sticker sheet from the palette too.

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