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Thread: Hold Down Undo For Rapid Removal

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    Hold Down Undo For Rapid Removal

    Can we set the Undo button so that if it's held down, it will rapidly undo things until you stop pressing? Sometimes I make a lot of quick strokes to see what something looks like and I like to be able to go back quickly. This is really one of the main things I liked and miss about PS. A visual history that is easy to scroll through. However, if I just had an option to undo things quickly, I'd be totally fine with that, too. I just hate having to tap the button over and over again if I have a lot of strokes to remove.

    Also, it seems like the button only recognizes my stylus half the time, but I'm not sure if that's ArtRage or the digitizer.
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    would be cool to have, but it also means speeding up the undo command and doing optimizations to the memory cache.
    With a heavy file and a rapid undo, there might be a risk of bringing your whole computer to a halt.

    Mypaint for example treats a fast sequence of strokes as a single undo step by default. That is somewhat useful and does speed up going backwards, but a few people on the forum asked for the ability to reduce the effect or even disable it.

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    You can do this with the Artrage Pen-Only Toolbar. It has undo and redo buttons, and if you press them it does repeat presses. You can go into the Advanced Options and also change the speed between each press. It might be what you're looking for.
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