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Thread: 6D ArtPen Revisited :)

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    6D ArtPen Revisited :)

    Hello all!

    I didn't find any info on this and just thought I'd bring it up... again.
    Last mentioning on forum was a bit over a year ago.
    So, any news on supporting 6D pens?

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    We'll have some information regarding this soon, sorry I can't be more precise at this point.
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    Thanks for answering Matt, though this has been pretty much the standard answer to my most recent questions. But that's OK!
    I'm just so curious. After painstakingly (emphasis on "pain") inking some artwork I decided it was time to step it up from my Intuos and
    ordered the Cintiq 22HD and got the ArtPen as well. So I was playing with the thought of trying out Painter....
    Let's just say that comment of yours saved me 249$
    So whatever it is you have up your sleeve, a new version or whatever, at least I have the money for it, although I lack in patience


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