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Thread: How to remove the grainy texture of my canvas?

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    How to remove the grainy texture of my canvas?

    Hi guys, I currently use Art Rage 3 Studio and I'm having trouble with the sandy texture in the background of my canvas. I tried turning the roughness & graininess to 0%, but nothing really happened. I would like to use a smooth, white canvas. How can I go about doing so?

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    Changing the Canvases Roughness setting to 0% should've made the canvas perfectly smooth. Be sure you're changing the settings for the Canvas, rather then the settings for a particular Layer, as they handle things differently. To be sure, go to "View > Canvas Settings", and set the Roughness setting to 0% again.

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    Something else to consider is whether you want your tools to pick up the grain even if you're not seeing it. Tools like the Chalk, Watercolor, and Oil Brush interact with the grains texture, leaving breaks and scraps as a result. If you set your Canvas Roughness to 0% (which the Layers will adopt, unless told otherwise), these tools will react as though you're painting on a pane of glass (see image example below).

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