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Thread: Watermark on drawings?

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    Watermark on drawings?

    Hi, I was reading on the web that a watermark was recommended for artwork submitted onto Deviant Art. Does anyone know how to watermark? Thank you!

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    Good question!

    You got me interested as I have been wondering about the unseen watermark.

    and :

    It seems that you can put one into the actual structure behind the image 'which adds a persistent, yet imperceptible digital watermark to communicate your copyright ownership and help locate where they are used online.'

    Or, you can do a visible one with your name, a C in a circle, or crossed lines. You just do a new layer with your choice of words etc, then drop the opacity down so it can just be seen, but enough to pollute the image to discourage theft.

    Sadly, if you want your work to look beautiful and unsullied, that is a difficult decision.

    The other option is to save your image at the lowest resolution (and still look reasonably OK) and smallest dimensions, that people can't get a quality copy from it.
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    If there's a profit to be made, there will always be thieves who will attempt to steal your hard work. When I go to art fairs, I see people photographing the exhibits, and I know it worries the artists. The internet makes it even easier to take without permission, but it tends to be reluctantly tolerated so long as credit is given and/or no money is involved.

    I'm assuming most skilled professionals would want a traceable watermark? I prefer to keep my pictures as clean as possible so decreasing the image size is good enough for me...make sure your copyright is still visible somewhere though! Just follow copespeak's suggestion and create your personal watermark onto a new layer.

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