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Thread: Any good iPad styluses.

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    In my iPad, on Art Rage. :)

    Smile Any good iPad styluses.


    I received an iPad4 for Christmas ( Thanks Mom and Dad!) and I am wondering what stylus some of you recommend. I already did one painting with my fingers and realized that, I probably should get one.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I use Elago Stylus Ball. it has stylus on one end and pen on the other. Handy and works rather spectacularly, and the tip is fine enough for me to get those details in. I havent' tried other non-pressure sensitive styli, so I can't say. I heard about those smart pens, so if you are planning to draw with really fine details maybe you'd like to look into those too.

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    Pengo brush pen

    I just had my Pengo brush pen arrive this morning from Amazon.

    After lots of reviewing, dithering & chewing, decided on this one as it has two sizes of interchangeable rubber tips (one is 6mm, the other more standard 8mm) plus the BRUSH! This feels wonderful painting on iPad ArtRage & also works on my Samsung Galaxy Note & partner's Nokia. I'm also very new to ArtRage so will keep on using both & return with any more comments if they're worthwhile posting.

    I'm glad to join this helpful forum-thanks already for all the generous tutorials & help I've found here

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