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Thread: Image dimming

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    Nov 2012

    Image dimming

    I'm a newbie (installed program on Christmas day), working on an ipad mini, and I have two frustrating problems that I can't resolve after looking through instructions.

    One is that one of my images is locked in portrait mode. If I rotate my ipad, I see the tools in correctI see that there might be a bug in the program so I'll wait to see if a new version is available.

    The second problem is that my canvas has dimmed. If I touch it with two fingers, I see the image in full color. But then it dims and the edges become blurred. I think I double-clicked the reference photo just before this happened. I've saved and re-opened the image, but nothing changes.

    Thanks! Love the program! Perhaps I should go and read all the reference material now.


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    Nov 2012

    Maybe rotation problem caused by me, not program

    I'm using version 1.4.7, which I see above was to have fixed the rotation problem. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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    You can change the orientation of your image in the gallery via the rotation buttons ( to define what is 'up' for the image when you export / print or work on the image on your iPad ). When you rotate the iPad, the painting on your iPad's screen isn't meant to rotate, the bug was that the interface wasn't rotating. With the latest version, when you rotate the iPad, your interface should rotate to match ( to make the tool picker be on the left, colour picker on the right ).

    Your image is probably looking translucent because you are tapping the tracing image button and loading a tracing image. This makes your image translucent so that you can trace over the underlying image. The tracing image button is located next to the reference image button. Tap the tracing image button,then from the tracing image menu ( accessible by pressing the button in the panel ), remove the tracing image if one exists. That should get rid of this effect.

    I hope this helps!
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