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Thread: Reviving Art

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    Reviving Art

    Hey guys, I'm new to this so here it goes:
    I'm using the latest update of Artrage, it came with my art tablet (Bamboo Splash), and I'm on windows.

    I was JUST about to finish up a drawing I was doing for a friend, spent a couple hours on it, but my laptop decided to overheat and shut off on me. I hadn't saved it.. is there any way to recover this drawing or is it gone forever?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Sorry to hear about the problem. There's a small chance that ArtRage will have been able to save its contents before shutting down but only if the operating system was able to tell it that a shutdown was imminent (which means it's not likely in this case). If you restart the app and it informs you that an old file has been recovered then it means it was able to save the file and you can choose to load it, but if no notification appears unfortunately there's no way to recover the file.
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