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Thread: Short-cut Keys / Wacom

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    Short-cut Keys / Wacom

    Hi - does anyone know if I can set up one of the shortcut keys on my wacom tablet to resize tools? Or is there another short cut?


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    Hi Stevienae
    In ARPro holding down the Shift key and dragging left or right with a tool will re-size it and also give you sizes larger than can be achieved by just using the corner Tool Panel.
    By default most Wacoms will have a key already set as a "Shift" key I think. If yours dose not then you can assign it one in the tablets preferences. However in my tablet preferences I have actually set the forward button on the pen to this function now as I find it much more convenient when working.
    Hope this helps.
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    I think that arrow keys on the keyboard are still shorts for controlling the size of the brush. So you could try setting the buttons for the Wacom to be the directional arrows.
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