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Thread: Digital Storytelling using ArtRage - Make Your Mark

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    M. Aster Guest

    Digital Storytelling using ArtRage - Make Your Mark

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    I am working on an e-book on Digital Storytelling. The name of it will be "Every Picture Tells a Story - Make Your Mark". I will use ArtRage for graphics and designing and publish it as pdf and html5.

    The e-book will take me through a history of my ideas on the subject of storytelling as well as stories from my own life. It will also be a story about my trials and errors on using ArtRage in different ways.

    Now and then I will add some pages here to show the progress. That's about all it is about; Graphic & Digital Storytelling. Nothing more.

    Love and Peace be with You.

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    Excellent graphic M.Aster, with lots of clever detail. You are very talented. Will look forward to more.

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    M. Aster Guest

    A story within the story (another page)

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    I am currently working on a "story within the story" to make me some understanding of the production/process of original art in ArtRage. So I wrote this manuscript to guide me.
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    M. Aster Guest

    Nex page: The storyboard

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    The manuscript guided me in making a storyboard/thumbnail sketches of the 12 pictures original art that will be the Digital Story called "Doggy".

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    M. Aster Guest

    tracing my sketch

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    This is the next page about creating original art, tracing a thumbnail sketch, for my "Doggy" story.

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