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Thread: Studio Registration Problem

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    Studio Registration Problem

    Not too long ago, I updated my laptop to Windows 8. I have used ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5.5 several times since then without a problem. Suddenly ever time I start up the software, it asks me for my product key and then wants me to register the product (which I did a long time ago). It is taking me through that loop every time. Is there some way to get past this problem?

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    That would indicate that either another application is removing the ArtRage serial number from your registry, or an OS/user account related permissions problem where ArtRage is being prevented from adding its serial number to the registry.

    The latter is more likely, so I'd recommend launching the app as an administrator first, then entering the serial number. This should solve that kind of problem.

    1: Switch to the Metro Start screen and start typing the programís name to see your program under Applications list.
    2: Right-click on the program name to see Advanced option.

    3: Click on Advanced and then select Run as administrator option

    I hope this helps!
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    Thanks for such a quick reply. Since I had already added it to the Metro screen, all I had to do was move my mouse over the icon, right click and then click the Run as Administrator link. All is working fine now.

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    I suddenly started having this problem with Windows 8 as well. Running as Administrator when re-entering the serial number worked for me too. Thanks

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