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Thread: Perfect tracing/cloning tool

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    M. Aster Guest

    Perfect tracing/cloning tool

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is probably the best tracing/cloning tool there is. It is very quick and easy and creates a precise clone.

    (The photo was found on Flickr by Alex Saurel called "Ethiopian Girl")

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    Works perfectly...I have been having fun with it.
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    Well ...whats the point to do so? Isn't import photo to layer better way to achieve the same?

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    Thanks for the great tip! This effect has all kinds of application.

    Thanks again.

    Bruce Rose

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    It would be very good to stipple the suggestion of an image. What a creative idea. I like it!

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    M. Aster Guest

    there has to be a reason...

    Quote Originally Posted by Strandy View Post
    Well ...whats the point to do so? Isn't import photo to layer better way to achieve the same?
    ...there has to be a reason to do it...maybe to trace a part of an image you have already painted into the one you are working on? Or like this portrait: it is made from at least 7 different photos found on the Internet. Eyes from one man, nose from another, mouth from a third, the face from yet another and so on. The man exists just as a digital construction made using ArtRage. That is how this tracin/cloning thech can be used.
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    M. Aster Guest

    Who is the artist?

    Name:  Skapa remsa av bilder-001.jpg
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    I created this clone (to the right) in less then one minute by using the Glitter Tube. Original size 800 x 1000m pixels. I do not think the need for artistic skills are much needed of me in this kind of cloning/tracing. Neither do I think I learn very much by cloning/tracing like this. I also think I am doing some copyright violation by using someone elses art without permission.

    Cloning and tracing like this is a delicate matter. Therefore I never ever use someone elses art, photos or paintings, to make other believe it is my work of art. I would not even dream of it. Tracing/cloning like this Elvis portrait requires almost 0% of my artistic skills, because the softrware makes the process almost automated. I just have to move my hand and keep a little eye on what I am doing. No fun at all, really.

    That is what I think. Just me. IMHO

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    The only reason I would use cloning is to repair/ replace a bad area in an image in my Photoshop program.

    Tracing, for those who like to use it, gives the rough outline of an area they want to paint. Maybe you see it as colouring in, but there is skill required to produce a good result. I look at it like you do when you embroider a prescibed image on to fabric. It's fun, relaxing and still has your stamp on it.

    Everyone is on their own journey, and being righteous about your point is non-productive, 'trolling' and makes you unpopular on the forum. I, for one am very tired of reading that members are upset about your posts.

    This is a warm, friendly place to be, and I am not going to have it spoiled by you. I will no longer open any of your posts.

    "You get more with honey than with vinegar" is a saying that applies here.

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    @'re wasting your time reacting to MASTER Sweedie Twaager............just say Mork.....Mork.......Mork!

    Everyone will understand that!
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    Smile Smiling Again!!!

    I'm practicing! Mork, Mork, Mork!!! (What does that mean???)

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